• Armstrong pickups - The Armstrong/WD web pages for Kent & Aaron Armstrong pickups including
        the Dan Armstrong models, rewind services and even some history.
  • Bill Lawrence offers a full line of guitar pickups under the Wilde and Keystone brands.

  • Carl Thompson Basses - unique and custom built basses.

  • Crystal Guitars check out new and different types of clear guitars.

  • Dan Armstrong Web Log - A Blog I set up for community chats.

  • Dynacord guitars Talk about clear guitars!

  • David Wildsmith's pages - with pages devoted to Mark Severn.

  • Jeff Baxter - Steely Dan & Doobie Brothers guitarist talks briefly about his time working in Dan's shop.

  • Kent Armstrong offers a wide range of pickups for guitars and basses and does custom rewinds and orders.

  • Matt Umanov Guitars offers a wide selection of new, used, and vintage guitars and staffs the best luthiers in NYC.

  • Studio Guitar offers professional repair and restorations of guitars and specializes in Dan Armstrong acrylic models.

  • Super Strat wiring an article about the Dan Armstrong Super Strat wiring from Guitar Player Magazine.

  • Univox guitar site featuring the 'Lucy' guitar and bass.

  • The clear guitar. Keith Richards shows Jimi Hendrix his Dan Armstrong clear guitar as seen on youtube.

  • The Les Paul Forum features an excellent page comparing the quality of CTS pots to others on the market.

  • The Unofficial Ampeg Page contains a great PDF file that includes the Dan Armstrong/Ampeg acrylic guitar owner's     manual and schematics, including the March 1971 information on updating older Armstrong instruments to the
        newer circuit design.

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