From 1969 to the present day nearly every rock musician has at one time played on, or at least slung on a Dan Armstrong · Ampeg instrument. Some tried it just because it was... well.... cool! Others thought it was rather nostalgic, and lastly, there were those who fell in love with them and used them exclusively. These pages are dedicated to all of these stars and users regardless of their reasons. They are listed here, in no particular order.

What better place to begin than with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones® who was largely responsible for the popularity of the Dan Armstrong · Ampeg guitars. However, and as seen upper left, it appears that this guitar has a prototype pickup in it. These photos are dated approx. around 1970.

Another photo from that same time. At upper left, notice the extra Dan Armstrong · Ampeg guitar on the chair with a capo on the neck - no doubt it is tuned quite differently. At upper right, it now appears that he is playing it, notice the capo. Speaking of tuning - back at upper left, it looks like that is exactly what he is doing. Tuning it up.

At upper left and right - more photos from that time period. Notice the capo on the guitar he is playing while the guitar without a capo can now be seen in the chair.

At upper left, a closer look at that pickup of his. Any ideas anyone? At upper right, Keith shows his clear guitar to the guitar man himself, Jimi Hendrix. A video of it can be seen here. Unfortunately, this instrument got stolen from Keith many years ago.

Upper left, Keith tears into a lead solo while at upper right, the Dan Armstrong · Ampeg guitar made the cover of one of the Rolling Stones albums.

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Fast forward several decades and in 2007 Keith had once again taken the stage with a Dan Armstrong · Ampeg clear guitar. At upper right, this one is a reissue model which can be better seen in the enlarged view where the 8th scratchplate screw can be seen along with a newer Kent Armstrong pickup.



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